Monday, July 31, 2006

Cynicism, can you spell it?

I saw this little widget somewhere, and figgered I would post it here. Seems it tells me what I already figgered, but phrased it in a remarkable way, I think, for a quick computer survey. Follow the link for your test (fear not, it's really quick. Painless too)

You Are 60% Cynical

Yes, you are cynical, but more than anything, you're a realist.
You see what's screwed up in the world, but you also take time to remember what's right.

Post your scores (or code, if you know how) in the comments

Really, post in the comments. Please. I. Need. Comments


Friday, July 28, 2006

Breaking news: 1 dead, 5 injured at Jewish Federation in Seattle

Laura Mansfield has the goods here.

Allah has superb coverage (as usual) at HotAir

Check the for more.

According to the Seattle Times, a man got through security at the Jewish Federation and told staff members, "I'm a Muslim American; I'm angry at Israel," then began shooting, according to Amy Wasser-Simpson, the vice president for planning and community services for the Jewish Federation.

At 4:03 p.m. police got a 911 call, saying one or two people had been shot. At one point the suspect himself called police and told them he had hostages.

Several witnesses said they saw a man walk up to the entrance of the building and shoot a woman in the leg. The man then walked into the building and made it up to the roof.
Witnesses said they heard one shot while the man was on the roof. The man then went back inside and witnesses said they heard several more shots.

It sounds like there was a delay between the when the first victim was shot and when the rest were shot. I keep thinking that having law abiding citizens armed with simple, affordable sidearms could have saved people here.

Its also possible that the agency formerly known as the INS could help out here too, but we don't know enough about the suspect yet.


Back to Business

Monkey business, that is. In Dearborn, MI (formerly the place safest from Islamic extremism)

not really

I read this article (scroll up a little) over at Debbie Schlussel's fine blog.

Debbie is an area resident who has appeared on numerous nationally run TV news shows to lend her expertise in the area of Islamic extremism in the southeastern lower Michigan region.

Looks as though our tax dollars are at "work" here again. Lesse, really don't like political speech coming from the pulpit when it's a Christian church, but that kinda vitriol coming from buddies of Michigan congressmen and even the FBI? In a 501c3 organization? Oh yeah, that's great. Freedom, you know. Occupation. Yeah, that's it.


Calling all photoshoppers!

Hey, I just got an idea for the first ever excitedVulcan Photoshop contest!

I got the idea while reading the excellent IBA blog.

They make an excellent point in this article that we are missing out on some WWII era opportunities here, and I agree, thus, the contest!

Hey, what's a contest without a prize you say *sound of crickets chirping* Ok, I just know someone out there wants to win something.

Just to let you know, I have something in mind, and no, it's not one of those "tangible" prizes all the other contests give away, this is new and different!

more to follow...


NO, stop, please, my eyes!, MY EYES!

I just can't resist posting this little, er um, well, not exactly little, er, um.
Look, if you can't stand to see the "real" thing in the museum of sex (c'mon, y'all knew there was one, right?) in New York, then you should have some laughs, well, laughing at this vid from Michelle

Clicky Here, but don't watch while drinking anything (unless you want to fill your nasal cavities with it!)

excited(not that much anymore)Vulcan

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy...

Whatever happened to honesty? Oh, wait, they were never big on that...
It seems that one of the left's best is involved in a "straw purchase" of land in Crawford, TX. Yep, disadvantaged Latino hurricane survivor and all...
I apologize for bothering everyone with more on this distraction, but you know you won't hear the ugly backside to stories like this on the TV, so foller this here linky to read for yourself

Again, I apologize for the wantonness of this story. Surely I am capable of better things...


The U.N.

Ok, here's a challenge for all my readers (both of you) how many different names can the initials "U.N." be used for?
C'mon now, be creative. Leave all your entries in the comment section.
FYI, to leave a comment, clicky on the work "comments" below and, uh enter your comment.
FYI, "FYI" means "for your information"

Here is a little cartoon to get you in the mood...


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I tried rebut a liberal colleague of mine who snidely commented about how Isreal is killing a bunch of people by attempting an explanation through illustration.
The illustration I used, it turns out is the same one used by another distinguished blogger, John Krenson. Although the illustrations differ slightly, in that I used a newspaper to smack someone, and John's weapon of choice was a hand slap, the arguments are the same.
Follow this link to read more.

Incidentally, I was unpersuasive in changing the opinion of my collegue, as is usually the case


Monday, July 24, 2006

Have You Registered Your Premises?

Ok, this one could take the cake. It surely would were it not in Wisconsin. (no offense Green Bay fans!)

I saw this article today while looking for something completely different. Its how I always find the good stuff.

I can see some reason for this whole registration thing, actually. Probably due to my Vulcan sensibilities. But this Vulcan is more of a libertarian than most, so I think it's quite a waste of the gub ments money. Gub-Ment? Hey!, that's me! (till 2008, anyway)

clicky here for the article. It really is quite comprehensive. If you live in Wisconsin, remember to name your chickens!

I most like the "voluntary" status of most of these programs... "Participation is voluntary unless we get less than 100% participation" (euphemism for: do it or you will be forced to do it)


Our Own Little Terror Cell

Actually, it is likely not little at all.

I have heard time and again, how "we are pretty safe here in the Detroit area, cuz the terrorists won't bomb dearborn".

But how safe are we really, with radical Islam right on our doorstep? Debbie Schlussel is a writer from the local area who has some really quite unnerving insight into what is going on under many of our noses.

Check one of her latest stories here. It's worth the read. Really


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Where did I "get" excitedVulcan

OK, I give. I'll tell a little about excitedVulcan. (speaking in the 3rd person is kinda icky, but anonymity is crucial!)


excitedVulcan is a term that was given me by a good friend and associate of mine. It seems that when I speak to clients, I sound to him, rather like a character on a somewhat familiar TV series conversing with various federation personnel. (do see this friend of mine for your financial questions)

The following is proof (and an illustration) of both my Vulcanhood, and the fact that I kin get excited about it!

I think this is perhaps less than a great thing. Although, my perception of myself is perhaps swayed by the opinion of numerous financial sales professionals that champion the approach of "insurance isn't bought, it's sold", or "why explain it to them, they don't get it anyway". I happen to believe that is the wrong approach, and favor education.

Now don't get me wrong, I am by no means an educator (or educated, some would say) but still feel that people ought to weigh both the pro's and con's of what they purchase. Hey, everything has both pro's and con's, (it's common sense, no?) but many times people refuse to find out about the cons. I believe they do this for various reasons, chiefly, "it takes too much time", or "I just don't have the energy". C'mon, people, its yer freakin money here. The majority of you spent 40 hours a week earning your quarters, why not spend a couple hours each quarter learning about where you are putting your quarters.

Next thing is: Don't learn about your investments from periodicals like Parade Magazine, where half truths and misinformation are written by someone with no qualifications other than "they done wrote stuff before they wrote this". There are a litany of other publications that are likewise poor places from which to educate yourself about what you own. I had the idea of complaining to these various places to "set them straight" about their erroneous reporting methods, but was warned off by someone that had gone there before me. Simply put: if someone buys their ink by the barrel, don't argue with them.

OK, where should you get your info?
There are numerous methods to get what you need, but you will need to arm yourselves first, with a little thing called Critical Thinking.

More on this topic in another weekly rant about investing.

Oh, by the way, you now know why "excitedVulcan" is my blog's name (and why my friend labeled me as such).


Friday, July 21, 2006

Totally Humorous Spoofology

Spoofology? Is that a real science???
Clicky here for light, well orchestrated Darth Vader action

Courtesy of Bryan


Here you will find something about long range shooting in France, courtesy of Blackfive


Voting Records for your Review

I found this at Little Green Footballs. They have the whole roll call there, but since so few decided to not support Israel, just the "nay" votes are listed prior to the jump. Yep, Michigan is well represented, er I don't know how "well" represented it actually is, what with these representatives caving to the large Islamic population in southeastern lower Michigan.

Wait, no, that can't be it, must be some other reason that 3 of the 8 nay votes came from Michigan.


Deceit from the Left

UPDATE: 7/21/06 6:57pm edt
the crack staff at Hot Air are on the case, and have a concise timeline to facilitate easier understanding (for those that care about how the left fakes news etc). I assume most of my readers (2 out of 3) (those are actual numbers, btw, not a ratio) already know this stuff.

Yeah, I know, "that's not new". But having such an overwhelming amount of research and proof that a blogger operating a blog that is critical of the current administration is using a source that doesn't exist for such quotes as "the G******d constitution is just a piece of paper" is.

(I know, I know, run-on sentence. Mrs. Johnson would be upset)

Foller this linky here to pick up where the action on this is. I must admit, it is a bit complicated, (and boring) for those that are not Vulcan-kind (much less excited).

Stay with it though, you can catch up if you skim down a little way. The subject lefty site is revising posts that are years old. Didn't the USSR do that?? Hmmmm.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Relying on the UN for help in Lebanon?

Ummm, remember this?

While the United Nations frames its next response to crisis in the Middle East, its last grand venture in that region--Oil for Food--has finally resulted in a guilty verdict in open court.

They sure do hang out with some interesting characters, these UN guys...

Can imagine why I don't trust them more...


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Get a load of this

Hey, they were serious about living in the 10th century!

Muslims Fear Superman Ad

From the wonderful people over at IBA, the Infidel Bloggers Alliance

Really too strange to be true if you ask me, but then, when the media is controlled be religious leaders, and individuals abdicate responsibility for thinking with their brains to the same "leaders", what do you expect?

Hey, that kinda sounds like what the lefties do...


Debunking MSM Baloney, er... Bunk

I'm sure you've seen the picture, "Israeli girls sending hate messages to the Lebanese". Well lemme' tell ya somethin' click here for the rest of the story...

Keller was right when he said we are mistaken if we think the media is neutral in the GWOT


Here it is in a nutshell

OK, so it's kind of a large nutshell, but certainly well worth the read
Click here to jump over to a page written by a well respected and highly experienced (by experienced, I don't mean college professor, or that he wrote some articles, I mean he has been there, done that) journalist and photographer.


The lust for self-destruction and someone to blame
The cauldron of the Israeli conflict is flaring, scalding the surrounding desert. The hands stoking the fire underneath belong to militant Islam. Jihad has different meanings, but the only meaning that concerns us today is "“Holy War."


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Not Again...

Yes, I'm afraid so. Not that it's particularly newsworthy. I think we are all used to this sort of thing by now.
Just so you understand, I think it's good that constitutional guarantees aren't revoked during a state of emergency, it's just interesting to see how the voting plays out. Scroll down to see how JK voted. (both times)

In other news,

Is there other news? Lessee, the Little Vulcan boy had another riding lesson today at the beautiful stables just down the road. Morgans, you know. He also got a double last night at his second T-ball practice. Unfortunately, he still hasn't quite got the hang of catching the ball, poor kid


Oh, Canada!

Yes, it's our northern neighbor. You know, the one that outlawed hate speach, like the Bible.

Here is an example of what I am talking about

They have apparently decided that being a member of a terrorist organization is no problem for you if you want to board an airplane. Hey, why would it be, and how else would a terroist get to Pakistan or Syria for training?

See the article here

See also, AllahPundit's commentary here


Monday, July 17, 2006

Media Neutrality

Check out this new video log over at

I think Michelle puts it succinctly, and accurately

Get ready to either get mad, or sick at what you see here, and by all means, pass this on to all the military folk that you know. (the easiest way to do that, is send them to this little blog :) )


Ride 'em cowboy!


You said it brother President! (although your mouth was full of food) Hey, that's the way that workin' folk talk at lunch.

I like this insight into our President's frank-ness. (profanity warning: keep away from impressionable ears)

Git-R-Done, Mr. President, Git-R-Done!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ahhhhhh! I can't take it (her) anymore!

MM reports on the amazing tour of the next big thing

Don't get me wrong, it's not big for me, but for some it is, so in the interest of "blogging to the masses", be they MSM supporters or not, or whatever kind of supporters they are... well, just make the jump and read what she's doing in the twin cities.


Investing? or buying a new boat for someone?

Do you work with an Investment Professional? If you are like many people, you do. But, how much do you really know about them? How are you paying for their services? How often do they make recommendations to change investments?

These and other questions will be answered, in addition to providing you with links to resources to help you understand more about the investment industry.

This, for those who haven't yet figured it out, will be a continuing story on this blog. It's my attempt, both to vent about issues I deal with daily, and to educate those that read, to help them not get "taken for a ride".

Check back in the coming days and weeks to read how you may have been "had".


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Mouse in the House?

I've seen this sort of thing before, but never on this level, course I never worked in the passenger service side of things, only cargo. Corrosion, anyone? I can almost taste it now...

Yeachkthpttt (to quote Bill, the Cat)


Can't believe I missed the contest!

I gotta mark this on my calendar for next year...

And get some practice in!

CHADRON, Neb. (AP) — A 30-year-old Cheyenne, WY man is this year's buffalo chip-tossing champion.

Anthony Salaz threw a dried buffalo dropping 126-feet-1-inch on Saturday to win the World Championship Buffalo Chip Toss held in Chadron.

The event is part of Chadron's annual Fur Trade Days celebration.

Placing second was last year's winner: 25-year old Ryan Bohnenkamp of Omaha at 114-feet, 3 inches. Three-time world champion Ron Miller of Chadron placed third.

In the women's competition, 26-year-old Dayna Spencer of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, took the title.

The event has been running more than 20 years and organizers have said in the past that they have not heard of anywhere else having a buffalo chip throwing contest. And they say no one has challenged their claim that the event is the world championship.


Update: more coverage here at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. Its written by Avi Green, one of the blogger team there.

Update: AllahPundit has it up at HotAir too! (scroll down a bit to see it).

My Dad and youngest brother saw the movie "Flight 93" as many people did. I wonder how many of said people are familiar with the memorial proposed to mark the place where ordinary people, who fought for their country in an extraordinary way, came to rest.

I found the story about the memorial at errortheory, which is the work of Alec Rawls. Check it out, and decide for yourself!

Error Theory: Comment period now open for Flight 93 memorial: Keep the crescent-mosque off of the crash-site!

how's that grab ya?


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Duct Tape, it's not just for breakfast anymore!

Yes, you heard it here first, (OK, probably not FIRST) but not because I didn't try!

Seems that every man's (and lady's)favorite repair tool has reached new heights.

Ahhh, Duct Tape...


Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Littlest Vulcan

well well well, Happy Birthday to my Littlest Vulcan!

That's right, my littlest Vulcan (should that be "Vulcanette"?) turns 2 years old today!

we will be celebrating paying for that new wing on the hospital with the cost of her birth this evening, probably after her big brother's 1st T-Ball lesson/practice/ what do you call it in T-Ball anyway?

Back to the extremely cute Litttle Vulcan, she has seemingly shunned the "Princess" stage, and gone right to "Queen". I think someone may have mentioned the phrase "terrible two's" within earshot of her Queenlike ears, and she has taken that as an instruction for how a two year old should act!

Grandpa Vulcan is still visiting, which was handy cuz we got to leave Boy Vulcan with him while Mrs Vulcan and I took the Littlest Vulcan Queen to see her doctor today. It seems she has some seasonal allergies, which are causing hives. We'll petition our highly recommended allergist for an appointment sooner than later to rule out food allergies.

In other, local news, our new neighbors have taken some trees out, which definitely changes the look of the place for the better. They also intend to dig a basement under the house, to which i say hey, knock yerself out! I wish i had the time for such things, that's for sure. Actually, I shouldn't complain, as I'm telecommuting today due to the boss being out, and there really isn't much to do at there anyway.

I'll post world news and commentary later, as I'm going to play with Grampa and Little Vulcan now (might build some model airplanes and fly them, speaking of model airplanes, science, and the like, here's a link to a place that is decidedly an argument for homeschooling. Either that, or an argument against unfettered access to the internent.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Best job off the planet

How cool would it be to do this?

I am in all likelyhood too old to do that sort of thing, though if i were younger... ;)

Thats right, I turned yet another year older today, and it was a good day. Thank you to everyone.

excited (and blessed) Vulcan

Let your light so shine

I saw this a couple days ago, and figured that some of you may want to read it. Follow the link at the bottom, I've included an excerpt to get your attention...

Jessen's biological mother was 17 years old and 7 1/2 months pregnant she went to a Planned Parenthood clinic to have a saline abortion.

The abortion failed and Jessen was born weighing two pounds and afflicted with cerebral palsy as a result of the complicated birth.

Harvey approached Jessen after hearing her story and asked her if she would sing the national anthem in the Colorado House on May 8.

"I never knew anything about her (before)," Harvey said. "I thought this was an incredibly divine opportunity to meet her and ask her to stay."

Jessen agreed and Harvey introduced her to his colleagues as a "friend with cerebral palsy." He asked Speaker Andrew Romanoff if Jessen could sing the national anthem and the speaker agreed.

During the song, Jessen lost her balance and leaned on Harvey for support. When she began to forget the words, saying that she was nervous, legislators and guests began to sing along with her.

After she was finished, the speaker, according to Harvey, stated, "Let us give her a hand not only for her performance today but also for her advocacy work," for cerebral palsy.

Harvey also said a reporter for a Denver newspaper told Jessen that "her rendition captured the spirit of the national anthem more powerfully than any she had ever heard before."

It certainly got the attention of those legislators, follow the link to see what
  • got their attention:


    Friday, July 07, 2006

    Little Vulcan's new friend

    I should not have kept you in suspense. Little Vulcan's new friend's name is Natalie, which is a very nice name, and goes with a very nice little girl. She is visiting our new neighbors, one of whom is her Sister, the other, her very new Brother in law. Mrs Vulcan has been over to meet them, I hope to this weekend sometime.

    In other news, my Dad has come for a visit, and Little Vulcan is ecstatic, as is Littlest Vulcan. (she was only shy for like an hour before she started flirting with him)

    I see the Blogger servers are undergoing maintenance tomorrow at noon, so don't blame me for the system outages, although I was playing around with *gasp* html code!

    Check the links I've added. I'll add more as time goes on. Time now to listen to my new fav, and Mrs Vulcan's too, the one, the only J Vernon McGee.


    (just kidding about that "courage" thing. It's not from Dan Rather, its from the Cowardly Lion, you know)

    First Blogger(tm) Post

    Ok, so here it all begins...

    I came home today, with the goal of starting this blog, after deciding on the name, host, etc. to be greeted by my excited little Vulcan. He was excited to tell me that he has a new friend, which is hardly anything new, due to his heavy social schedule that Mrs. Vulcan keeps him on. This new friend, he continued, was here, and he would like me to meet him, and furthermore, "he's a girl!"

    can't think of a better welcome home than my little Vulcan's cuteness.

    I promise, I'll conquer this blogging thing, and have pictures etc up soon.

    Hey, it's my first (official) blog, gimme a break!