Sunday, January 07, 2007

she's a comin along!

Yep, I recon I'll be able to take a shower this week sometime (Lord willing)
a passle of pictures of the progress for you perusal: (alright, not quite a passel)
For those of you that didn't know, I blew my bathroom apart. On purpose, that is (well, kinda on purpose), Mrs. Vulcan tore the drywall down, thinking (mistakenly) that such an act would motivate me to spring into action. It did, actually, it's just that I spring kinda like the U.N. /sarcasm

here is a list of links to other posts relating to the project:

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That should bring y'all up to date on the bathroom project anyway. Enjoy!

floor covering, check
toilet, check
sink, check

Dang!, this place looks like a marquis for a Broadway show or something

Hey, there's even a tub in here! Have to let the paint finish curing prior to installing the Swanstone surround. I am still figuring on the best method for tying the window in to this whole thing. I may see if I can scrounge some Swanstone scraps, and use them to create an internal windowsill, as well as line the little cubby hole I framed under the medicine cabinet. This, I am sure, is overkill for our modest little house, but hey, I am an overkiller, afterall!

This is not a new-fangled urinal, it's simply the best method I have found for clamping a sink while the glue cures. (I didn't just say that, did I?) And Yes, I figured that simply setting a sink on a vanity, even a pre-made one was just too easy, so I am mounting the sink to the wall, despite it's objections!



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