Thursday, November 30, 2006

More Bathroom Mayhem

Yeah, I can't help myself, and Professionals don't want to touch me either...
seems I "confound" them...

Time to rip the floor out

Had to make my own joist here, due to boneheads putting walls on top of no structure...
Lemme tell ya, that was fun to beat into submission install!

Yep, johnny flange ended up right on a joist. No matter, now it's not only plug-pruf, but nuclear proof too boot. (this is where I'll hide for the hurricanes now)
Looooove those joist hangars, you know?

Managed to sneak the 1st piece of "subfloor" under the existing flange even. Go figure

There's the rest of the first layer. That's right, first layer... I'm putting in two layers of 3/4" T&G cuz the hallway is that high due to many layers of all kinds of stuff, going all the way back to 1946 i presume. Hmm, should I have saved some of those old tile's for history's sake?

littlestVulcan wanted to be the first to try out the new floor. She just got back from her bath at our wonderful neighbor's house. They were kind enough to let the vulcan chillin go over to stay clean during the project

YeeHaww! now we're making progress! new OSB T&G too boot! Wow, there's a lot of room in here!

I even got nutty enough to take the yucky ceiling down.

New tub, with an actual wall to compliment. Verry insulated, too!

Unfortunately, now comes the rest. Can you believe mrsVulcan wants the door back on that room? And Heat, can you believe she wants heat?? What's next, running water? Doh, I gotta go solder some more...


P.S. if you are a building inspector, this is all a photoshop. it is not real. (kinda like reuters, you know?)

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