Sunday, September 10, 2006


I suppose that every one can remember what they were doing 5 years ago today. I know I can. It still somehow feels surreal, like something that terrible couldn't really happen. It is obvious to all but the most pig headed (pun not intended) that it really did happen, that many Dads and Moms did not come home to their children that night. Wives never saw their husbands again, and husbands never saw their wives again. While people lose their lives unexpectedly every day, this was different. This was an attack on a way of life that is a result of our forefathers creating a government that fostered exploration, ingenuity, self reliance and accountability. Self-government, if you will. Remember this anniversary, that as Americans, we must continue the legacy of exploration, ingenuity, self reliance and accountability in order that our lives, and our children's lives are able to continue in a truly free nation.

Read the following link to gain perspective, not with images, sound bytes or multimedia, but with words. Listening. Listening to Breaths



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