Monday, August 28, 2006

Cascades Civil War Muster, Mister!

That's right, we mustered over to Jackson, MI for the Cascades Civil War Muster, Where there was one extremely cute littleVulcan who attracted the attention of a local photojournalist. See coverage here at the Jackson Citizen Patriot. He is the cute one, in case you wondered...

It was the first time the boy had seen that many firearms doing their thing all at once. We parked right next to the Union Cannon, which was good, cuz littleVulcan doesn't like loud noises :)

The Battle was truly something to see. When the Rebs charged the Union line, and just "kep-a-comin", well, it just made my hair stand on end.

Can't even imagine what those boys went through. What a bloody mess. There were over 35,000 men wounded or killed there in that one battle. Hard to compare to today's fighting, as far as sheer numbers go, anyway. I can only speculate that battle is battle, no matter when it happens, tho'. Thank God I never had to do that sort of thing. I pray that my boy never does either. If, one day, he must, I pray that he will be ready.

apparently, Blogger is having some trouble with the pictures, so i'll post them later, along with news of my septic lines! (oh boy!)



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