Friday, September 01, 2006

More Destruction Construction

Let's just call it "constructive activity"

Here is the basement (cellar, for any rednecks out there) (btw no offense, some of my friends and relatives are rednecks) in before and after mode.

These are the before pics (ok, they are kinda "during" as some will notice the nice, shiny plastic I had just installed

By the way, this is really merely a "virtual reconstruction", not an actual one, just in case some of you either are or know, or are perhaps related to a building or health inspector

Funny story: while I was in the basement breaking the cast iron pipe to smithereens, Mrs. Vulcan came over the walkie talkie with some witty comment or other. I replied with some sharp whit or other. This exchange went back and forth for a little while, on and off.
I finished our on air flirtation with "Just don't flush the toilet" meant to serve as a humorous warning, as I had just smashed the big pipe off, and bad things could happen should the toilet (which I had failed to empty prior to the start of this phase of the project) be activated, so to speak.
No sooner had the radio waves ceased emanating from my transmitter when I heard the most interesting gurgling noise. You guessed it, my Lovely heard only "flush the toilet", and being extremely responsive and full of duty, complied immediately.
She realized something was somewhat less than perfect when she heard my screams. As some of you may surmise, screaming cannot and did not alter the gravitational field in the area of the water, forcing it back into the pipe, back into the now out moded commode.
Funny, eh?

These are pics from after the removal of the mostly plugged, very thin, rotted, probably original 1946 vintage cast iron pipe

Sure looks cleaner (installation-wise) and Bonus! no Bumpus on the Nogginus when you walk by. Seriously, I managed to fanagle the pipes to stay above the beams.

I spent countless hours in the Lowe's plumbing isle planning, plotting, nay, scheming how to make it fit. I am proud to say, that true to excitedVulcan form, they have been engineered, much like the space shuttle, to use every available inch of space as they wind their way through the foundation, to the outside, and beyond...

I wonder what scrap cast iron is going for these days?



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