Monday, July 24, 2006

Have You Registered Your Premises?

Ok, this one could take the cake. It surely would were it not in Wisconsin. (no offense Green Bay fans!)

I saw this article today while looking for something completely different. Its how I always find the good stuff.

I can see some reason for this whole registration thing, actually. Probably due to my Vulcan sensibilities. But this Vulcan is more of a libertarian than most, so I think it's quite a waste of the gub ments money. Gub-Ment? Hey!, that's me! (till 2008, anyway)

clicky here for the article. It really is quite comprehensive. If you live in Wisconsin, remember to name your chickens!

I most like the "voluntary" status of most of these programs... "Participation is voluntary unless we get less than 100% participation" (euphemism for: do it or you will be forced to do it)



Anonymous Wife said...

The whole thing sounds scary to me. Although I am intrigued by the idea that this can actually be done, not all things that can be done should be done.

I personally enjoy the local farm fresh eggs and am investigating other local food sources as well. It frightens me to think that my food choices could be limited by big government.

8/02/2006 2:47 PM  

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