Friday, July 21, 2006

Deceit from the Left

UPDATE: 7/21/06 6:57pm edt
the crack staff at Hot Air are on the case, and have a concise timeline to facilitate easier understanding (for those that care about how the left fakes news etc). I assume most of my readers (2 out of 3) (those are actual numbers, btw, not a ratio) already know this stuff.

Yeah, I know, "that's not new". But having such an overwhelming amount of research and proof that a blogger operating a blog that is critical of the current administration is using a source that doesn't exist for such quotes as "the G******d constitution is just a piece of paper" is.

(I know, I know, run-on sentence. Mrs. Johnson would be upset)

Foller this linky here to pick up where the action on this is. I must admit, it is a bit complicated, (and boring) for those that are not Vulcan-kind (much less excited).

Stay with it though, you can catch up if you skim down a little way. The subject lefty site is revising posts that are years old. Didn't the USSR do that?? Hmmmm.



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