Sunday, July 23, 2006

Where did I "get" excitedVulcan

OK, I give. I'll tell a little about excitedVulcan. (speaking in the 3rd person is kinda icky, but anonymity is crucial!)


excitedVulcan is a term that was given me by a good friend and associate of mine. It seems that when I speak to clients, I sound to him, rather like a character on a somewhat familiar TV series conversing with various federation personnel. (do see this friend of mine for your financial questions)

The following is proof (and an illustration) of both my Vulcanhood, and the fact that I kin get excited about it!

I think this is perhaps less than a great thing. Although, my perception of myself is perhaps swayed by the opinion of numerous financial sales professionals that champion the approach of "insurance isn't bought, it's sold", or "why explain it to them, they don't get it anyway". I happen to believe that is the wrong approach, and favor education.

Now don't get me wrong, I am by no means an educator (or educated, some would say) but still feel that people ought to weigh both the pro's and con's of what they purchase. Hey, everything has both pro's and con's, (it's common sense, no?) but many times people refuse to find out about the cons. I believe they do this for various reasons, chiefly, "it takes too much time", or "I just don't have the energy". C'mon, people, its yer freakin money here. The majority of you spent 40 hours a week earning your quarters, why not spend a couple hours each quarter learning about where you are putting your quarters.

Next thing is: Don't learn about your investments from periodicals like Parade Magazine, where half truths and misinformation are written by someone with no qualifications other than "they done wrote stuff before they wrote this". There are a litany of other publications that are likewise poor places from which to educate yourself about what you own. I had the idea of complaining to these various places to "set them straight" about their erroneous reporting methods, but was warned off by someone that had gone there before me. Simply put: if someone buys their ink by the barrel, don't argue with them.

OK, where should you get your info?
There are numerous methods to get what you need, but you will need to arm yourselves first, with a little thing called Critical Thinking.

More on this topic in another weekly rant about investing.

Oh, by the way, you now know why "excitedVulcan" is my blog's name (and why my friend labeled me as such).



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