Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trip to the Henry Ford

I dunno why they call it "the" Henry Ford. I thought it was "Henry Ford Museum" A museum by any other name would smell as sweet... (smells good by the locomotives tho!)
The littleVulcan and I went with S.L.A.S.H. to the museum today. I just finished Photoshopping the red eye outta all those kids heads (eyes, actually), so I figured that I would post some pics.

Here stands the littleVulcan before the great Allegheny locomotive, a humongus 2-6-6-6 and yes, that is the correct spelling, (for those of you reading from Western New York.)

Here's the whole gang (almost) standing on the wing of a biplane while doing stunts in front of a fair somewhere in America. (there was a video projected on a screen in front of and below them to provide the sensation of flying.)

The boy begged me to take his pic next to this huge traction engine. He even posed himself. How cool is that?

A couple of music fans listening to "Rock-N-Roll", I believe they called it... Kids these days and their "8 track tapes" eh?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Night Linkorama

So, I've been feeling like I have been depriving my loyal readers of one of bloggings mainstays. I'm talking about linkage, yes linkage with a capital "L", right here in... wait, where did that Music Man reference come from. Moving right along, here is the linkaliscious goodness:

First, did ya know about the web apps movement. If you aren't even half the vulcan that I am, you probably do not
here's a link anyway

Next, speaking of webapps, and we were, you know. An online file converter!
You say "so?" (with raised eyebrows, no doubt) (admit it, they raised, didn't they?) I have a number of fine file conversion utilities, GraphicConverter being a really nice one, being another. Hey, when you work with good tools, you can do great things, what can I say? Well, I had been looking for ages, ages I tell you for a way (a good one) (that means free ;-) ) to convert .wmv files to .mov or some other modern, workable format. has a wonderful converter. worked great, no need to enter email address or anything. In fact, it worked as well as:
TinyURL which is something that many of you need to learn about (seeing as how you refuse to use html email, etc.

Here's something that could either be a travesty, or reuse/recycling. There are many accessories out there for our various paraphanalia for our "digital life" (whatever that is) but this one caught my attention:
Old 45 records

Speaking of digital life, you have by now all heard about the iPhone. The greatest thing since sonograms? Who'd a thought someone would have a blog about it?
iPhone blog

My kids already have them by the way



Thursday, January 18, 2007

For all of my conspiracy theorist friends...

click on the link above. its the title of the post.
the post is what you are reading now.
when your cursor magically morphs into a hand with a finger, that's a hyperlink.
hyperlinks are for clicking


Thursday, January 11, 2007

I get to shower!

(In case you are taking me literally, I really have been showering during this project, just not in the bathroom!)

Here it is, in all it's Appley beauty.

I just couldn't resist, what with the announcement of the coolest phone ever... (iPhone or not)
could be called an applePhone, I guess.

Fanboy? guess so, but c'mon, how can you beat ZERO virii? Let's just say it's my little tribute...

almost done, now for my shower! heh


Sunday, January 07, 2007

she's a comin along!

Yep, I recon I'll be able to take a shower this week sometime (Lord willing)
a passle of pictures of the progress for you perusal: (alright, not quite a passel)
For those of you that didn't know, I blew my bathroom apart. On purpose, that is (well, kinda on purpose), Mrs. Vulcan tore the drywall down, thinking (mistakenly) that such an act would motivate me to spring into action. It did, actually, it's just that I spring kinda like the U.N. /sarcasm

here is a list of links to other posts relating to the project:

The first thing we did was...
Then there was this...
And furthermore, This...

That should bring y'all up to date on the bathroom project anyway. Enjoy!

floor covering, check
toilet, check
sink, check

Dang!, this place looks like a marquis for a Broadway show or something

Hey, there's even a tub in here! Have to let the paint finish curing prior to installing the Swanstone surround. I am still figuring on the best method for tying the window in to this whole thing. I may see if I can scrounge some Swanstone scraps, and use them to create an internal windowsill, as well as line the little cubby hole I framed under the medicine cabinet. This, I am sure, is overkill for our modest little house, but hey, I am an overkiller, afterall!

This is not a new-fangled urinal, it's simply the best method I have found for clamping a sink while the glue cures. (I didn't just say that, did I?) And Yes, I figured that simply setting a sink on a vanity, even a pre-made one was just too easy, so I am mounting the sink to the wall, despite it's objections!