Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Night Linkorama

So, I've been feeling like I have been depriving my loyal readers of one of bloggings mainstays. I'm talking about linkage, yes linkage with a capital "L", right here in... wait, where did that Music Man reference come from. Moving right along, here is the linkaliscious goodness:

First, did ya know about the web apps movement. If you aren't even half the vulcan that I am, you probably do not
here's a link anyway

Next, speaking of webapps, and we were, you know. An online file converter!
You say "so?" (with raised eyebrows, no doubt) (admit it, they raised, didn't they?) I have a number of fine file conversion utilities, GraphicConverter being a really nice one, being another. Hey, when you work with good tools, you can do great things, what can I say? Well, I had been looking for ages, ages I tell you for a way (a good one) (that means free ;-) ) to convert .wmv files to .mov or some other modern, workable format. has a wonderful converter. worked great, no need to enter email address or anything. In fact, it worked as well as:
TinyURL which is something that many of you need to learn about (seeing as how you refuse to use html email, etc.

Here's something that could either be a travesty, or reuse/recycling. There are many accessories out there for our various paraphanalia for our "digital life" (whatever that is) but this one caught my attention:
Old 45 records

Speaking of digital life, you have by now all heard about the iPhone. The greatest thing since sonograms? Who'd a thought someone would have a blog about it?
iPhone blog

My kids already have them by the way




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