Monday, August 27, 2007

Welcome Classmates Visitors!

Hi all.
All 3 of you! heh. Well, I hope that there will be more than 3...
Thanks for searching for me. You most likely have found this page by virtue of a google search spurred by some breadcrumbs I left at classmates.paymealot of I am interested to know how your search went. I hope you understood right off about googling for me. I tried using a url in my comment of the picture at classmates, but they blocked it as being in violation of the tos. Who reads those things anyway? We'll see if this method actually works. I'm sure I can't be the 1st one to do this, although I may be the 1st from Lancaster High School, et al to do it!
Leave a comment here to let me know who you are. (hints are acceptable, btw) or link to my classmates blog, over here:


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