Monday, July 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Littlest Vulcan

well well well, Happy Birthday to my Littlest Vulcan!

That's right, my littlest Vulcan (should that be "Vulcanette"?) turns 2 years old today!

we will be celebrating paying for that new wing on the hospital with the cost of her birth this evening, probably after her big brother's 1st T-Ball lesson/practice/ what do you call it in T-Ball anyway?

Back to the extremely cute Litttle Vulcan, she has seemingly shunned the "Princess" stage, and gone right to "Queen". I think someone may have mentioned the phrase "terrible two's" within earshot of her Queenlike ears, and she has taken that as an instruction for how a two year old should act!

Grandpa Vulcan is still visiting, which was handy cuz we got to leave Boy Vulcan with him while Mrs Vulcan and I took the Littlest Vulcan Queen to see her doctor today. It seems she has some seasonal allergies, which are causing hives. We'll petition our highly recommended allergist for an appointment sooner than later to rule out food allergies.

In other, local news, our new neighbors have taken some trees out, which definitely changes the look of the place for the better. They also intend to dig a basement under the house, to which i say hey, knock yerself out! I wish i had the time for such things, that's for sure. Actually, I shouldn't complain, as I'm telecommuting today due to the boss being out, and there really isn't much to do at there anyway.

I'll post world news and commentary later, as I'm going to play with Grampa and Little Vulcan now (might build some model airplanes and fly them, speaking of model airplanes, science, and the like, here's a link to a place that is decidedly an argument for homeschooling. Either that, or an argument against unfettered access to the internent.



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You have a nice family.


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