Friday, July 07, 2006

Little Vulcan's new friend

I should not have kept you in suspense. Little Vulcan's new friend's name is Natalie, which is a very nice name, and goes with a very nice little girl. She is visiting our new neighbors, one of whom is her Sister, the other, her very new Brother in law. Mrs Vulcan has been over to meet them, I hope to this weekend sometime.

In other news, my Dad has come for a visit, and Little Vulcan is ecstatic, as is Littlest Vulcan. (she was only shy for like an hour before she started flirting with him)

I see the Blogger servers are undergoing maintenance tomorrow at noon, so don't blame me for the system outages, although I was playing around with *gasp* html code!

Check the links I've added. I'll add more as time goes on. Time now to listen to my new fav, and Mrs Vulcan's too, the one, the only J Vernon McGee.


(just kidding about that "courage" thing. It's not from Dan Rather, its from the Cowardly Lion, you know)


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